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« The Smoky Christmas. New Year in punjabi »  Punjabi Poem. Posted by admin on December 25th, 2007.

Happy Birthday — In soft gleaming. Pallavi's Poems; Punjabi SMS; Romantic Shayari; Sad Shayari; SMS jokes; Urdu ghazals.

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Below is the Punjabi version of my poem. I usually create an English translation of my poems when asked. If you would like to see one with English subtitles, contact me or leave a comment...

mzdUr ie`tW v`ty FoA rhy. imsqrI icx rhy. myrw isAwhI dI kmweI nwl. mkwn bx irhw hOlI hOlI. nwl nwl mYN vI bx irhW. bxky mkwn bMdy nUM nvW jhwn idMdw. bxdw mkwn nvW igAwn idMdw. isAwhI dI...

Sep 13, 2008 Author: Zeeshan | Filed under: Bulley Shah Shayari, Punjabi Poems.

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Comments about this poem (Bag (punjabi poem) by Gurpreet mansa)

Punjabi Ghazal by mazHur. Nairay nairay kion nahi aanday darday kion ho japphi paanday!

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I only write in Punjabi, and Gurmukhi is the best and the only way I know to write Punjabi Labels: Kavita, Poems, Punjabi.

poem on school in punjabi. punjabi poems for class 9.  poems 7th punjabi. for1st class child- poems of desh bhakti.

The Adi Grantha or Guru Granth Sahib is one of the earliest texts in Punjabi. It was written not strictly in Punjabi but in the Gurumukhi script.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009. A Punjabi Poem ( English Translation ) Dialogue.

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He grew up, as well as raising three younger sisters and one younger brother. inclide Munawar Ahmed Kanday Pir (UK) who published his collection of Punjabi ghazals and poems.

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